'ANATA CARNIVAL' is a fighting adventure that involves the most representative characters of the Bolivian folk culture that includes some dances like DIABLADA, CAPORALES, TINKU and MORENADA among others. The adventure starts like two hundreds years a go, when some invaders come to the paradise land and  submit all the originating people in order to take them to work into the mines for collecting gold and precious jewelry in different towns inside the paradise lands.
When the invaders comes into the mine, they wake up TIWARY (a devil's entity that domains the miners and do favors to them), he start to kill the invaders and all the sumit people fight now for their own freedom from TIWARY.    

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#6388 Hugo Ernest St.

Bajo Seguencoma

Calle Sanchez Lima esq. Aspiazu


 Edificio Rosario

Piso 6, Oficina N° 6


Ciudad de La Paz

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